This is who we are

In 2007, founder Alberto Boleres was serving in Iraq and while waiting for a cup of coffee in 100+ degree weather developed an idea to source and offer premium coffees back home to others who would appreciate a great cup of coffee. Two years later in 2009 while visiting family in Guatemala and telling them of his idea, his uncle suggested he take certification courses at ANACAFE, Guatemala’s National Coffee association. He would also bring back samples of some Guatemala’s best coffees. In 2011 the plan had become official and the dream was in full motion.
606 Coffee Roasters started by importing Guatemalan coffees and has now expanded to other regions around the world. A Chicago based coffee roaster that takes great pride in finding the world’s most delectable coffees and bringing them home to our coffee friends. Globally sourced. No corner of the earth is off limits. We are always looking for the next great source.
606 because all zip codes in Chicago begin with 606. It’s the heart of all that live in this city and coffee brings communities together.