About us

About Us

A veteran owned & operated small business

606 Coffee Roasters was founded by Purple Heart recipient and Army Veteran Alberto Boleres. While serving in Iraq, Boleres noticed how people were willing to stand in long lines, under the scorching desert sun, to get their hands on a cup of their favorite caffeinated beverage. It was then that he decided to help satisfy people's deep cravings with premium coffee from his native Guatemala. 

In 2011, he became certified by Guatemala’s National Coffee association, ANACAFE, while fostering relationships with the organic farms that would become the source of premium beans. By Feb 14th, 2011, a simple idea had transformed into a business.

our journey

Although 606 Coffee Roasters began with importing Guatemalan beans, exclusively, we’ve begun sourcing from other regions of the world where excellent coffee beans are found; including Ethiopia and Colombia - no corner of the earth is off limits. We are always looking for the next great source.

The name “606” comes from the fact that all zip codes within Chicago’s city limits begin with 606. Our founder credits the City of Chicago for providing the experiences to make him the business savvy entrepreneur he has become. The colors used are a tribute to 606 Coffee Roasters’ first roaster (red) and coffee, itself.

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