One Team One Fight Blend

This delicious blend of One Team One Fight is a tribute to the work of our founder, Alberto Boleres, as well as a local nonprofit organization, Chicago Veterans, that helped him become the professional he is today.


One Team One Fight Blend

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After serving in the Army from 2000-2008, Alberto was search for support in his transition back to civilian life. With the dream of starting his own coffee business from the early days of his military career, he leaned on Chicago Veterans for their networking and professional development opportunities in efforts to make his dream a reality. In his own words, Alberto claims, “If it wasn’t for Chicago Veterans, I would not be where I am today. Veterans I knew when I got home were my friends, but they weren’t pushing me the way this organization does. Chicago Veterans were, and still are, leading big and positive initiatives in the community that help businesses and other nonprofits. This community has pushed me to do better. They made me believe in myself more than I already did.” 

The guidance and professional development he received from Chicago Veterans has played a steering role in establishing 606 Coffee Roasters to be the business we know today. Alberto took his lessons of giving back from Chicago Veterans, and is taking action himself with 606. With every bag sold, $1 will be going back to Chicago Veterans to support their three initiatives of Social & Community Involvement, Educational Peer Mentorship, and Employment Readiness Program. It’s Alberto’s way of saying, “I’m a veteran, and I can help. A lot of veterans drink coffee, and I think will enjoy the chance to give back.”

Join Alberto in buying your bag today, and supporting your local Veteran community. Learn more about the organization at

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